Jingo™ - Music Bingo With Beats

This isn't your typical blue rinse bingo! It's Bar Bingo With Beats

Play Jingo™, Music Bingo, It Rocks!

How To Play Jingo™, NZ’s Music Bingo

Bingo With Beats For Your Bar, Chartered Club Or RSA in NZ

 Lorde, Just One Of The Thousands Of Artists In Jingo

Jingo™ is NZ’s music bingo in a box! It’s a subscription-based bingo with beats for New Zealand hospitality venues like restaurants, bars, chartered clubs, RSA’s or any venue where you want a fun new entertainment choice.

Each week we will deliver a pack containing a minimum of 50 Jingo™, music bingo cards. Each card has the artists and titles of 20 songs printed on it. Your host simply hits play on your music system to start the game. Those playing the game listen to the Jingo tracks and when they hear a song on their game card they mark it off. Once they have marked off all the boxes on their game card, they yell out Jingo™! We recommend you choose a fun host who has lots of enthusiasm to make the night just that more memorable.

At Jingo™ we make a range of game formats and specialty packs. You could choose to have a pack based on a decade like the 80’s or 60’s or even Christmas or Halloween themed packs. We will consult with you to help decide what’s best. It’s all part of what we do.



Pearl Jam.  Just one of the Artists you’ll be able to sing along to with Jingo™ – NZ’s Bar Beats Music & Video Bingo

Jingo is the fun new way to get more patrons at your place. It’s just like bingo but better because it’s done with music. We make it easy with the packs, music, promotion via our website, social media and more. Because this game is for individuals vs. teams, you don’t have to reserve tables for the game. All your guests will likely be singing along, not being hushed by the person beside them so they can hear a question. It’s just a whole lot more lively and fun. Consider Jingo your summer crowd-pleaser for those balmy evenings.

Sound great? Why not give it a go? Call us on 0800 224 646 and we’ll make it happen. Be aware that Jingo currently works exclusively on AMS Music Systems. Want to join AMS? We can make that happen too!


Music Bingo NZ - Bar Beats Bingo

The Beatles – One of the thousands of Artists in Jingo.

Jingo™, music bingo with beats, is a fun night out for you and your friends. Got no friends? It’s also a great way to make friends, even if you don’t know every song in the history of mankind. Why? Because the name of the game is to have fun and sing along. It’s totally OK to help those around you by yelling out the title of the song playing. If you do know every song played, you’re amazing!

If your local pub, club, hotel or RSA is not running Jingo™, maybe it’s time to suggest they do. It’s New Zealand’s newest bar game with beats!

Been to a venue and had a great time? We’d love to hear all about it! Hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter. Better still, show us how much fun you’ve been having on our Instagram!

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